Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Traveling Story...Wanna Join In??

We are looking for writers to help us with our Traveling Story.  A traveling story is one where each part is written by a different writer.  A new story (it is chick lit but we have other genre stories going on too!) will start tomorrow. Romance in the Backseat is going to do part 1 and then pass it to me for part 2.   Each part will be 500-1000 words long and leave the readers with a choice to make: Scenario A, B, or C. Voting lasts 2 days and then the next writer takes over with the winning scenario. When you post your part, you post a link to the part before yours and to the next writer after you. Love writing? Wanna join in? All you need is an active blog and to email Leave comments with any questions you may have. Need an example? Go check out  Cheeky Reads!   Thanks!

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  1. I REALLY want to participate in this! Please!
    susanerios at