Sunday, May 2, 2010

Book Review Easy as Pi by Jamie Buchan

What is the subject that is almost every student's least favorite?  MATH.  I think that most people dislike it because they don't realize how much of our life is made of numbers.  We use numbers everyday without even realizing it.  I personally find math pretty easy and was really interested to read this book.  Now this book is not really indepth about math so don't get scared.  Before you turn and run just listen.  This book is about all the ways we use numbers in our daily lives.  Have you ever said seventh heaven or cloud nine?  Have you ever wondered why we say the phrases we say?  Well this book answers those questions and more.

I found this book is very interesting!  It is broken down into 5 parts: Numbers in Language, Number in Fiction, Numbers in Culture, Numbers in Mythology and Religon, and Numbers in Math and Science. 

Some interesting facts I learned was that in the novel Catch-22, the author made up the phrase Catch-22.  He tried it with a few other numbers first but they were discarded for various reasons and finally settled on 22.  I had thought it was a common phrase.

Have you seen The Number 23 with Jim Carey?  Did you know that there is actual people who believe those superstitions about the number 23?  I had thought that it was just made up for the movie.

You should read this book because it is very interesting and you will learn a lot about things you think you already know about.  Rating:Photobucket


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