Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Book Review I Love You- Now Hush by Melinda Rainey Thompson & Morgan Murphy

Title: I Love You- Now Hush
Authors: Melinda Rainey Thompson
              and Morgan Murphy
Publisher: John F. Blair
ISBN: 978-0-89587-378-1
Published in 2010

Summary:  "The grass is ablaze, the lawnmower blade dangles from a tree, and your frustrated husband is hiding in the garage. You (a) tell him you’re going shopping, (b) ask him if everything’s okay, or (c) sneak back into the house and pretend you didn’t see him reading the instructions.

Your wife says she’s “fine” after an argument. You (a) assume she’s fine, (b) go back to watching the game, or (c) duck and cover.

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then this book is for you. Two of the South’s funniest voices have come together to write this hilarious, heartfelt collection of essays about the nature of men and women. From keeping house to romance, from yard work to money, their fresh take on these common arguments will make you laugh out loud and maybe even instill a bit of insight when it comes to the opposite sex. Also covered are quite a few not-so-common squabbles, such as proper singing etiquette and hoarding mayonnaise jars. "

Have you and a member of the opposite sex ever looked at the same thing and saw two completely different things? When putting something together (oh let’s just say the TV stand) do you read the directions, plan how to build said TV stand, lay out all the pieces/tools/screw/nails and only then begin building? Does your husband think instructions are only for people who don't know what they are doing? (Not that I know this from personal experience or anything. I have just heard things. And who’s TV stand is still standing? And who’s collapsed?) This is only one example of the vast differences between men and women.

I Love You- Now Hush is a hilarious look at all of those differences and how the differences affect our relationships. The book is split into topics. Melinda will discuss the topic from a woman's (read correct) point of view and then Morgan will respond with a man's (read crazy) point of view. Even the titles of each essay showcase the differences between the sexes. For example: Melinda's "Save that for Me" and Morgan's "A penny saved is just a penny."  I love it!!! 

If you are looking for a very funny book to read then this is your book.  I was laughing out loud in so many parts, my husband kept asking "What's so funny?" Duh!  The book I'm reading. Men!  LOL I also really liked that as the Battle of the Sexes rages on it is all in good fun and is never serious or mean.  It is not a man bashing (or for that matter woman bashing) book.  It is just a funny look at the differences that have and probably always will split the sexes!

This book would make a great wedding gift since it is a humorous look at life as a married couple. Or even an anniversary present ot the couple who has been married forever.  Rating: Photobucket

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