Monday, April 19, 2010

Book Review The Raindrop by Brian D. McClure

I love kids books, but after reading the same ones over and over I get bored.  I was so excited to be able to review The Raindrop!!  The illustrations are beautiful, they look like oil paintings. 

About the author: Brian McClure is an Ohio native and founder and president of The Universal Flag Company.  Inside his Universal Flag program, he has set up a non profit, whit benefits suffering in third world countries.

"I am just a raindrop; I am smaller than small.  What am I doing here? I have no use at all..."    The raindrop feels like he is insignificant and only a small drop of water.  What does it matter what he does? The Earth is in the middle of a drought and needing every drop of water it can get.  As the raindrop makes his way through the water cycle, he learns that while he is only one drop when all the drops add together, they make a huge impact.

This is a great story with a moral that everyone can relate to.  My older kids like to read it because they are learning about the water  cycle and this stiry helps hammer the concept home.  The smaller kids love the gentle rhymes that are easy to read outloud.  they also love to just look at the pictures and make up their own stories.

If you haven't read any of Brian D. McClure kids books, I reccomend you definetly go check them out!! Rating:

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  1. Thanks for the lovely review of Brian's book. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Readers can follow Brian's tour all month long by visiting

    Thanks again.