Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Book Review: Queen of Your Own Life

“Queen of Your Own Life is a philosophy, a decision and an invitation to happiness for women who have made the tough but rewarding journey to the midpoint in their lives. Kathy Kinney (best known as Mimi on The Drew Carey Show) and Cindy Ratzlaff (marketing genius behind the launch of The South Beach Diet) have been best friends for more than thirty years, and have helped each other navigate the ups and downs of their lives with humor and grace.”

This book is geared to women who are over 40 and entering the second half of their life. However, even though I am not 40, I think that this is a book every woman should read regardless of their age.  The authors do an amazing job of helping women fix the problems in their life that are preventing them from being truly happy. 

As a woman I usually blame my happiness or unhappiness on my circumstances.  If I had a better job, or a boyfriend, or was finished school, then I would be happy.  This book explains why thinking like that is unhealthy and counterproductive to being happy.  We as women need to take control of our life and our happiness.  This book shows how instead of wishing life were different, we should stop and assess where we are and where we have been.  We may be surprised at "bad things" that happened that actually brought us good changes and "good thing" that actually caused us heartache.

After assessing our life, we need to pick out our positive traits and proudly display them.  We also need to figure out what kind of woman we want to be and start being her.

I love the idea of having a crowning party.  I can just see a bunch of women sitting around eating snacks and drinking wine.  The Queen to Be has a crown on her head and might be wearing a broach.  The guest all watching as the excitement builds!  The Qeen to Be is now offically a queen and with her new title, she says "From this day forward, I will remember I am an extraordinary woman - beautiful, intellegent, brave, and powerful.   With the wisdom and tools I have gained,  I am excited to embark on the adventure that is the glorious second half of my life.  I am now truly, the Queen of my life!"

I think this is a great book for lifting your spririts and for helping you decide how to change your life.  This is a MUST read for all women!   Rating: Photobucket


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