Thursday, March 25, 2010

Writer's Workshop 3/25

I am participating in Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. Here is what you must do:
*Choose a prompt that inspires you most.
*Come back this Thursday and paste the URL from your actual post (do this by clicking the title of your post after you hit publish, an extended URL will come up in the address bar. That’s the URL you want to use) into the Mister Linky that will be up…this way anyone can click on your name and head over to your place to see what you wrote.

Feel free to write on more than one prompt if you so desire. Mama Kat does it all the time, but it’s her game…and she doesn’t know how to shut-up…so it should be expected. And remember the more comment love you give, the more comment love you get so comment comment away.

Here is the writing prompt I chose this week.
3.) I Wanna Be MADE! You remember the MTV series where nerdy high school kids are made to be popular and what not? If you could be MADE into anything…what you be made into?

I want to be MADE...Successful? I guess that is what I want. Some may say that I am already very successful in that I have a wonderful husband and 5 perfectly annoying, adorable children, all of whom are healthy and happy.

BUT I want to move on to the next phase in my life. I want to finish school, have my career and be out of this world, blissfully successful and happy. I already did the married with kids thing and now I want more... (Did you just have a Little Mermaid flashback moment too?) Is that too much to ask? I don't think so.

I guess one problem with this scenario is that in order to be MADE into a woman who has a wildly successful career I just might need to know what that career is. I am majoring in English with a minor in secondary education. My plan right now is to be a high school English teacher while I get my masters degree. But is my ultimate career goal to be a teacher? Principal? Superintendent? Secretary of Education? Or a writer?

I think I would really love to be a writer. I read all the time and I am a (at least I think) fairly decent writer. The problem is that writing is one of those careers like photography (which I also love). How could I major in photography? What if I turned out to not be that great (and unable to make money as) a photographer? Then what would I do? What if I quit my teaching job to be a writer fulltime? What if I failed? I suppose that is the real problem I have with writing...I am too much of a control freak to chance failure.

Hopefully my career will evolve into what it is supposed to be. And I know that I will be successful in whatever I end up doing.

So maybe instead of being MADE successful, I should be MADE confident.


  1. I think you could do both jobs on the side if you really wanted to. It would just take you longer to complete them than if you were able to devote all your time to one. Good luck, and be confident.

    I don't know what I want to do either. I'm in school to be a biology teacher, but I would love to be an event planner, lol!

  2. Oh the Little Mermaid! Good take on the prompt, and you have a good outlook on real life too.

  3. Yes - confidence is key! And there is absolutely nothing in this world that says you can't teach and write simultaneously. Write when you're inspired to write - I've found that those pieces tend to be the most heartfelt and evocative. Send off samples. If it evolves into more than a passion, wonderful. If not, then you still have the joy of writing for yourself.

    Good luck in all you take on. :)

  4. I agree! Having confidence in what you do/can do will propel you further. Best of luck with your career journey :)

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    your blog is so pretty! like gorgeous!

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